Policy Evidence

Click PACKAGES above left to supplement your Policy-CX evidence with LD, Extemp, and Public Forum materials, and Debate-IE Texts at significant savings.

Policy Evidence Set

Policy Evidence You Need. Save $80 over the individual products. Over 2300 pages of tagged and highlighted evidence specific to the topic with the Affirmative, Negative, September, and Oct-March plus May Updates. Plus key backfiles. These files will make your program ready to debate the best.


Affirmative Evidence Book

With 5 affs, this has over 550 pieces of tagged and highlighted evidence, Affirmative Cases, Backup Evidence, Responses to Disadvantages, Counterplans, and Kritiks plus topic analysis.


Negative Evidence Book

Features over 550 pieces of tagged and highlighted evidence, Case Responses, Disadvantages, Counterplans and Kritiks with full extension evidence, Definitions for topicality arguments.


September Evidence Book

The September Evidence Book is one you really need. Over 550 pieces of tagged and highlighted evidence.  FOCUS ON WINNING AFFIRMATIVE AND NEGATIVE STRATEGIES based on the debate camps with evidenced disads, counterplans, and case extensions. POSTED BY SEPTEMBER 12.  


Oct-May Evidence Updates

Seven updates on this year's high school Policy-CX topic, each with at least 110 pieces of evidence, posted to our web page for you to download by the 12th of each month OCTOBER thru MARCH plus MAY.



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