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The IE Set includes

Breaking Down Barriers: How to do Individual Events-Public Speaking provides excellent step by step instruction in preparing and presenting great speeches and interpretation cuttings. Extemp, Impromptu, Oratory-persuasive, Expos-informative, Interpretation events are covered thoroughly and with multiple great tips to doing well. Jim Hanson has coached students to over 500 IE-Speaking awards and it shows in the helpful teacher materials and practice session suggestions included.

The Dictionary of Forensics, providing great insight into all of the terminology of speech and debate.

Newsviews with pro and con on current events. Newsviews provides arguments on current issues used in Extemp and that you can use for speech topics and congress (14 editions of NewsViews, each with 8 pro and con arguments, come out during the year plus hundreds of NewsViews from all our previous materials--perfect for your Extemp Tub, Speech topic lists, and Congress bill research).


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