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LD Set with materials through June 30, 2021

The LD Set provides a topic overview, definitions, and evidence on each and every of the NSDA and UIL LD Topics through June 30, 2021. For each topic that is debated, you receive two files of evidence with cases, responses, extensions. Plus, you get 999 pages of PhilosopherViews with access to detailed information about philosophers, traditional and contemporary, including overviews of their thoughts, arguments you can use from their works, and bibliographies with citations to the most relevant and helpful materials. You receive ValueViews with 745 pages of evidence pro and con on dozens and dozens of values and criteria such as utilitarianism, communitarianism, democracy, economic justice, social contract, individualism, life, multiculturalism, postmodernism, security, truth, violence, and western rights. You also get LD Files on over 170 different LD topics covered including Oppressive government, due process versus truth, death penalty, spirit versus the letter of the law, truth seeking versus privilege, victimless crime, gender equity, nation building, due process versus homeland security, and capitalism versus socialism.

NSDA Topic specific files are available on the day the topic is announced plus we provide an additional update 12 days after the topic is announced.

UIL Topic specific files are available 12 days after the topic is announced; we sometimes provide a starter file a few days after the UIL topic is announced.


SAMPLES: http://www.wcdebate.com/00sampleproducts/index.htm


Jan and Feb Orders, you receive access to all of these materials until June 30 of this calendar year.

Mar through Dec Orders, you receive access to all of these materials through June 30 of the next calendar year.

West Coast Publishing thanks you. Questions? Email Jim Hanson at jim@wcdebate.com