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NewsViews Extemp Essays

Unlike traditional Newspaper and magazine articles, NewsViews Extemp Essays addresses the issues head-on as an arguer would. NewsViews is useful for your entire team especially extemporaneous and impromptu speakers, parliamentary and public debaters, congress debate advocates, discussion leaders, junior states and Model UN participants.

With NewsViews Extemp Essays, we have hundreds of pages of articles staking out pro and con positions on the issues in the news. Further, we post to our web page updated essays on 7 key current issues twice a month during Sept., Oct., Nov. Jan., Feb., and the first week of March and last week of May. NewsViews is dedicated to providing students with analysis on the key issues we confront today. Whether the issue is the current state of the stock market or the political turbulence in the Middle East, our articles will provide the key arguments for and against the various positions on the issue. You will be able to print this book and integrate it into your Extemp file. Every student on your team will benefit from the latest information on domestic and international affairs. NewsViews discusses the issues from multiple perspectives and with multiple voices and opinions. Our goal is to provide the most comprehensive set of arguments on the most important domestic and international issues facing our society.


NewsViews has been approved by the NSDA for tournament Extemp competition.




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