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The Policy Set provides hundreds of pages of evidence on this year's topic. You get the Affirmative, Negative, September Supplement, October-March plus May Updates and all of the West Coast backfiles. PLUS, you get the West Coast Theory handbooks. You can download the Microsoft Word documents and print away! Plus, you get materials on Levinas, Identity politics, activism, irony, and much more to prepare students to respond for the latest unusual strategies. You’ll have arguments about “A-spec”. “reverse voter” intrinsic permutations, dispositionality, stock issues, and conditionality. With the THOUSANDS OF PIECES OF EVIDENCE provided by the Policy Evidence Set—and you have an amazing evidence resource!


SAMPLES: http://www.wcdebate.com/00sampleproducts/index.htm


Jan and Feb Orders, you receive access to all of these materials until June 30 of this calendar year.

Mar through Dec Orders, you receive access to all of these materials through June 30 of the next calendar year.

West Coast Publishing thanks you. Questions? Email Jim Hanson at jim@wcdebate.com

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